kayak rental


Looking for a different way to spend the day? Are you a nature lover and enthusiast? Do you want to discover untouched beauty of the southernmost cape of Istria? If so, you are welcome to jump into one of our kayaks and take your vacation on the next level. You can't miss the journey around 30 kilometers of Kamenjak rugged coastline,made of numerous bays and various beaches.

Our sea kayaks are developed for the sport of paddling on open waters, they are safe, stable,comfortable, and easy to handle for the begginers. You can choose between single, tandem or 3 person kayak. Our rental station offers you information and a map of the different routes you can take.



Single kayak
1 hour 8 €
2 hours 14 €
1/2 day 20 €
1 day 26 €
Double kayak
1 hour 11 €
2 hours 19 €
1/2 day 26 €
1 day 35 €
Underwater digital camera & GoPro
1 hour 9 €
1/2 day 19 €
1 day 30 €

kayak excursions


Windsurf station offers you kayak excursions with our certified guides.

  • What will I see on my kayak tour?

During the kayak tour you will experience natural areas, bays and cliffs that you can just admire, or even try cliff jumping. We will enter in the seaside cave and snorkel in it. It's always so much fun to take photos in the crystal clear water, among the rays of sunshine coming from the hole situated on the top of the cave, playing the game of light under the water. We are also going to say ''hi'' to many fishes swimming around the uninhabited islands, that are also part of the excursion, so be sure that your underwater photos will turn out gorgeous!

  • What is the minimum/maximum age for joining the kayak tour?

At the Windsurf station all ages are more than welcome to paddle! It's not a secret that kids love being passengers in a kayak. Children as young as seven can join the kayak tour, of course accompanied by an adult.

We provide lifejackets to fit all ages, from infant to adult.

  • Am I in a good shape to do the kayak tour? How many hours does the tour last?

We have to tell you that the focus is on relaxing exploration and adventure, it's not on the competition and it's not about who will be first or last. It's all about having great time and spending your day in a different way . The tour lasts from 4 – 6 hours , there will be plenty of time for taking rest, having lunch, swimming, snorkeling,exploring and building friendships and memories.

  • What is included in the price?

We provide everything you need: Guides, kayaks, life jackets, snorkeling equipment,underwater and GoPro cameras, food and beverages.

You can rent or book directly on the beach, or simply make your reservations via our website, telephone or email.



Cave exploring by kayak
1 person single kayak 65 €
2 person double kayak 100 €
- half day from 10:00- 13:00
- Included: Tour gide ,Kayak, drink water, fruit
Kayak Safari
1 person single kayak 110 €
2 person double kayak 180 €
- 1 day from 10:00- 16:00
- Included: Tour giode, kayak, water, fruit, snorkeling equipment, dry bags, kayak ergonomic seats, lunch at the Safari Bar, photos from the excursion