Monthly Archives: June 2018

Full Moon SUP & kayak

Full Moon Stand Up Paddle & Kayak tours are taking place every summer at nature park 'Kamenjak'. Starting point is at "Skoljic" beach from where we paddle along the 3km long coastline to the southernmost point of Rt Kamenjak. Once we reach our destination, we stop paddling to fully enjoy the beauty that is sun setting on the horizon. Safari beach bar is the place where we're heading next to relax with sangria wine in our hands. When the full moon rises, we hop on our kayaks and SUP-s and head back to our base while moonlight lights our path.

Cave exploring by kayak

Have you ever explored a sea cave? Feed your curiosity by exploring the hidden sea cave in Rt Kamenjak; nature park located at the southernmost point of Istria. The adventure begins at the Windsurf Station, following the scenic coastline up until the cave and the best cliff jumping spot with breathtaking view of Adriatic sea.…
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