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During the warm evenings of June, July, and August, The Windsurfstation crew is organizing something special for you!

Full Moon Kayak Tour is a great way to experience authentic Rt Kamenjak vibes. During the magical full moon nights, when everything gets quiet, you can truly enjoy the beauty of this protected nature reserve. Cape Kamenjak is a must place to visit while vacationing near Pula, and you can read more about it on our new site - Istra Kayak.

What will we do on a Full Moon Kayaking Tour?

We will start at our Windsurf Station base, in Školjić bay. There, we will get equipped and ready for paddling. We'll kayak towards the sunset, following the Kamenjak coast and bays up until the scenic beach bar with amazing views and positive vibes. Safari bar will welcome us with complimentary drinks; cold lemonade or sangria wine. They also offer various burgers if you want to grab a bite. While we have fun at the bar, we'll enjoy the view of a full moon rising.

We will kayak back to our starting point under the light of a full moon, with the quick stop in Debeljak bay for a night swim.

This tour is a great way of spending quality time with friends and family, and it will surely be your favorite vacation memory. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to have summer vacation during the full moon nights to experience this adventure! We have experience in guiding Full Moon Kayak Tours since 2013., they are 100% safe, even for kids!

To find out more and for reservation requests, proceed to our brand new site; Istra Kayak and have a look on our other guided kayak tours as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!


Single kayak 45 €
Double kayak 90 €
SUP 50 €


16. - 17. June 2019.
15. - 16. July 2019.
14. - 15. August 2019.


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