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During the warm evenings of June, July and August, The Windsurfstation crew is organising something special for you!

The Full Moon SUP & Kayak Tour is our way to take it to another level. As the name of this excursion suggests, it happens once a month, during the magical full moon nights, when everything gets quiet, and you can truly enjoy the seascape/landscape with all your senses.
We meet around 7.30 pm at Windsurfstation and wait for the sunset to give us the sign that we can start our adventure . The excursion lasts about 3 hours, with a half way stop at the well-known "Safari bar." The bar is located at the very end of Kape Kamenjak and Istrian peninsula, it always welcomes us with its unique and magical vibes. The one-hour break at the bar is made of lots of fun, music, laughter and sangrias…then we are ready to go back slowly, enjoying the quiet sea surface reflecting the moonlight that guides us back. During the evenings of July and August, the weather gets really warm, so on our way back we stop at "Debeljak bay" for night swimming.
The first Full Moon SUP & Kayak Tour was organised in 2013 and since than has become one of the most booked excursions. For your safety we have tested this adventure many times during the years, to be sure that it could be done in 100% safe conditions, and it is appropriate for everybody, even for kids and families!
In summertime the full moon shows us her shiny face only 3 times (once each month), so we recommend booking it in advance because of the limited number of SUPs and kayaks. If you are considering this excursion, please contact us by email or phone to get more information or to book kayak or stand up paddleboard.
We are looking forward to meeting you and show you how amazing Kape Kamenjak is when you experience it this way.


Single kayak 50 €
Double kayak 100 €
SUP 50 €




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