Test course


  • lengh: 2 hours
  • theoretical part with use of a dry land simulator
  • practical part on water with the instructor

The aim of the test course is to offer beginners an opportunity to try windsurfing in order to be able to decide whether they have the necessary skills to take the full basic course and if that is what they really want. The test course lasts 2 hours: one hour of theoretical lessons on the simulator and one with the instructor on water. If you decide to continue and join the basic course, its price will be lowered by the amount of the test course.


Beginner's course



  • length: 6 or 8 hours, usually over 2 or 3 days, but a different schedule may be arranged with the instructor
  • 2 hours of windsurfing theory with the use of a dry land simulator
  • 6 hours of practice on water with the instructor
  • upon completion of the beginner course there is a possibility to acquire the basic windsurfing license

The basic course lasts 8 hours. After the first hour on the simulator, which includes also the theoretical part of the course, you will spend the next 7 hours on water. The theory includes lessons in wind direction and speed as well as how to recognize unfavourable conditions like dangerous sea currents or too strong wind. During the basic course you will learn to sail in various course directions with optimum body and rig-position, tack and simple jibe. After finishing this course, you will be able to windsurf independently in light or middle wind conditions. The aim of the course is to learn to sail safely and to enjoy it. Everybody aged between 7 and 65 can join this course. The price includes the necessary windsurfing equipment, a Rip Curl wetsuit or a Scorpion Bay licra t-shirts


Advanced course


  • length: 5 hours
  • beach start, harness, fast tack, jibe and sailing without a daggerboard
  • short theoretical lessons (10 to 20 minutes) before going out on the water
  • in order to take this course the participant must have mastered all the elements of the beginner course

This is the right course for everybody who has passed the basic course and would like to improve his manoeuvres. The course programme contains: fast tack, jibe, beach-start, harness sailing and upwind sailing in middle/strong wind conditions. The aim of the course is to sail safely in middle wind conditions with progression to the fun-board.


Fun course


  • length: 3 hours
  • footstraps, planning, power jibe

After the advanced course you can take the FUN course that offers an introduction to the real pleasures of fun-boarding. This programme includes learning how to control the board direction with your feet, planning techniques without the dagger-board, straps technique, power jibe, quick tack & water start in middle/strong wind conditions.


Private lesson



  • length: 1 hour

Private lesson (1 on 1) with our best windsurfing instructor. For 60 minutes you will receive 100% of his attention and will practice any windsurfing maneuver from the most basic ones to most advanced tricks like aerials, switch stance, tacks, jibes, etc.


The Wind

The Windsurf Station is the most southern windsurfing school/rental in Istria . Do to its favoured position we enjoy the best wind conditions in this area.

Bora ,a north- east gusty wind might be very severe and unexpected. It causes  small choppy waves up to 1m waves on the reef not far away from us. Bora is the most often wind in this area and it blows on shore if you are starting from our spot.

The south- east "Jugo" wind  (Scirocco) causes higher waves ,up to 3m on the reef  in front of our spot . It blows across the Adriatic when a cyclone develops over the Adriatic area. It brings clouds and rain  .There is a possibility of the so called dry Jugo, when it blows for a couple of days without bringing rain. Unlike Bura, Jugo is a constant wind that gradually gains strength . This wind direction is also on shore on Rt Kamenjak and if you are starting from this area the conditions are absolutely safe for windsurfing.

Mistral is a “benevolent”, a friendly wind looked forward by especially sailors and all those who enjoy the summer season under its breeze. Mistral is a daily wind blowing from the northwest and created by the differences in temperature between the mainland and sea. It is fairly frequent from spring to autumn and strongest in July and August.

It usually starts blowing around 9 or 10 in the morning, reaches its highest strength in the afternoon and fades at sunset. It's a perfect wind for freeriders and beginners .During those hot summer days the water surface is absolutely flat like on a lake . The mistral is never stronger than 16 knots so big sails and boards are suggested


Windsurf courses
Test course 2 hours 47 €
Basic course 6 hours 130 €
Advanced course 4 hours 110 €
FUN course 3 hour 60 €
Private lesson 1 hour 40 €
Windsurfing basic license 32 €
* Board & sail ,wetsuit ,shues,licra & harness are included in the price
** For groups up to 10 persons we offer you 5-8% discount,for groups 10-20 persons 10-15% discount, for grups with more than 20 persons the discount is 20-30 %
*** During the low season 01. 05-30. 06 and 10. 09 -15.10 we offer aditional discounts for groups
Kitesurf courses
Basic course (max 2 persons in a group) 4 days 550 €
Kite service (boat support , lounching , landing, rescue) 1 day 20 €
Board + school sail (dacron)
1 hour 14 €
5 hours 48 €
10 hours 86 €
1/2 day 36 €
1 day 65 €
Board + sail (Monofilm)
1 hour 16 €
5 hours 57 €
10 hours 100 €
Carbon board + sail (Monofilm)
1 hour 20 €
5 hours 80 €
1 hour 3 €
1 hour 3 €
Storage (1 board + 1 sail)
1 day 7 €
1 week 35 €
* Including the surveillance of the night watchman & equipment washing